Paratroopers Recall Their Pacific War
by Paul F. Whitman
eBook, Apple iPad and Kindle format
340 pages

Those who think of the flag ceremony on Topside, Corregidor as being General Douglas MacArthur's media opportunity are just plain wrong. He was little more than a guest at a christening, a putative father of sorts, perhaps a celebrant, and the rest of the top brass there were our family witnesses. For it was on that day, as our flag rose above us, that we of the 503d PIR, of the 462nd PFABn, and of Company C, 161st PFEng., began to define ourselves as "The Rock Regiment."

This book is about the journey of the men of the Rock Regiment, from Australia to the Philippines, in their own words. Drawing upon Paul Whitman's 503d PRCT Heritage Bn. Website - it brings together articles written by the men themselves, about themselves. It furnished the inspiration for "CORREGIDOR - THE ROAD BACK", the documentary directed by Peter Parsons. 

The Origin of the Rock Patch - Bob Flynn
A Condensed History of the 503d PRCT - Don Abbott
The Test Platoon - William T.Calhoun
Training at Ft. Benning - James Mullaney
Doomp Da Garr-Bitch! - Charlie Rambo
How The Warden Got His Name - Don Abbott
New Guinea
The Great Fire Fight of 5-6 September, 1943 - Satire - Louis G. Aiken
Under Dubious Skies - Fiction - Tony Sierra
Purple Hearts on Noemfoor - Don Abbott
Miracle on Noemfoor - Don Abbott
Bob Hope at Noemfoor
Remembering Mindoro - Don Abbott
In The Southwest Pacific With The 503d - Gertus Jones
With the 503d PRCT on Corregidor, February 1945 - Don Abbott
Corregidor - Gertus Jones
No Smoking - Francis X. O'Neill
My Day With The Rattlesnakes - Bill Calhoun
M-7 Mission To Topside - John D. Reynolds
Recollections on Corregidor - Howard Lout
Night at Wheeler Point - Reflection - John Lindgren
Water Water Nowhere, But We Found a Drop To Drink - Tony Sierra
Out of Uniform - Bill Calhoun
The Great Corregidor Turkey Shoot - Chet Nycum
A Partial History of the Negros Campaign - Lou Aiken
My Private War - Negros - Chet Nycum
The Passing Captains - Tony Sierra
Reunion - Bill Calhoun

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