The Pictorial Companion to the History of the Second Battalion, 503d P.I.R.

by William T. Calhoun and Paul F. Whitman
Standard Landscape, 10x8 in, 25x20 cm
240 pages

Also available as an eBook, Apple iPad format.

          The Bless 'em All Pictorial Companion is available as a Softcover, Hardcover, Deluxe Imagewrap and as an eBook Download.  It is a "stand-alone" book which does not require that you have the other books. It contains images from the Authors' personal collections used in the four volume series. 

          Each paratrooper's personal collection of photographs tells the story of his war. These are the images of Bill Calhoun's service with 'F' Company of the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, and the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team. The images tell his story of an assistant platoon leader, platoon leader, Company Executive Officer, and Company Commander, revealing an intimate story of a brotherhood forged by the bond of steel that unites THE ROCK REGIMENT.


          This Pictorial Companion was created in 2012 to include all the images I had been using on my 'free-to-air' website feature. Each image carried a short story caption, thus the book was created as a stand-alone publication. You can buy it, and read it  for its own sake.

It took me five years to get the courage to embark upon the process of transferring  Bless 'em All  website feature into book form.  the sheer size of the project was daunting. Initially I thought it could be done in three volumes, but I was wrong - it took four.

Bless 'em All - Book I - Australia, New Guinea & Noemfoor

 Bless 'em All - Book II - Leyte & Mindoro
        Bless 'em All - Book III - Corregidor (Retaking the Rock)
 Bless 'em All - Book IV - The Negros Campaign

Throughout the process, I had the support of my leader,  Bill Calhoun.  I cannot be thankful enough for his leadership, assistance, and his generosity of allowing me to get inside his mind.  My great regret was that he passed before I could finish our Opus.
Q: Can I see a preview?   A: Sure, we don't expect you to judge the book by its cover. See the PREVIEW.

There is a separate 72 page  preview of the ePub edition
Q: What is the price of the book?   A: This book is available in a range of editions - Softcover, Hardcover with Dust Jacket, and Hardcover with ImageWrap. The price is on the preview page.
Q: Are there discount vouchers or  promo coupons available to lower the price?   A: Yes, but you have to look for them. I suggest you Google the words ",  Discount, Coupon, Promo" and the current month.  Sometimes you can score between 10% and 35%.
Q: I am contemplating acquiring the full set of four volumes. Should I buy the Pictorial Companion, given that the images will be in the other books.   A: Not all of them will be.  It might be a good idea to get the eBook version for $10 and then decidewhich way to go.
Q: Is it available on Amazon?   No
Q:  Can I get an eBook Version?   Darn Tootin'.  See the eBook PREVIEW.
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