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American Frolic
by Paul F. Whitman & Steve Foster
13x11 inch (33 x 28 cm)
290 pages
Shipping weight:  3 lbs.

This is another personal frolic. In 2009, I visited the USA to attend a Reunion of the 503d PRCT in Phoenix.  With the assistance of Steve Foster, we arranged filming a number of interviews of the Corregidor paratroopers who attended. (The interviews would appear later in the Peter Parsons' documentary "CORREGIDOR - THE ROAD BACK".) Getting there, and getting back was half the fun.  Las Vegas, Air Museums, DisneyWorld etc.  Rather than leave the photos in an old shoebox, I have created a "modern shoebox" - an online preview. Never in the history of vanity publishing has so much effort been put into a photo book with a prospective sale of , maybe, two copies.