1970 - Before We Drifted Apart -
A glimpse of an Australian High School in the 1970's.
by Paul F. Whitman
Large Format Landscape 13x11 in, 33x28 cm format,  84 pages.

Hendra State High School probably was an ordinary and average school, as far as high schools go. But when I arrived there in 1970, after nine years at St. Josephs College, Gregory Terrace, an "all boys" Catholic school,  it seemed to me to have one of the things I had been missing in life.

Girls! Now there was a steep learning curve, and far more complex than anything Grade 12 could throw at me.

I was hardly there a week and Tor Fromyhr had nicknamed me "Professor." I thought it was a reference to my academic bent. (It was a Tor-ism for "smart-ass.")  In retrospect I'd have preferred that it was more a reference to the character in the Gilligan's Island TV show. With the lovely Ginger and Mary-Anne on either side of him, he still had no idea how good he had it. Yes, that sure sounded like me. Surrounded by irresistable seventeen-year old pulchritude, and sweating on Matriculating.

(Hendra State High School no longer exists. It is now "Aviation High") 

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