GUINEA GOLD - WWII's Jungle Telegraph
Standard Portrait 7.75 x 9.75 in, 20 x 25 cm,  72 pages.
Fixed-layout eBook, 160 pages


          In WWII New Guinea, GUINEA GOLD's brief was to present news to all troops "in the field" and to avoid editorial comment. It published for 1320 continuous days, without missing a single edition. At its peak, distribution was 37,000 to US forces and 27,000 to Australian forces, daily. That's 34 million copies in two years. Maximum readership was estimated at 800,000.

          This SPECIAL retrospective edition was created as my father thought it important enough to keep ten copies in his footlocker once he made it home from his war.

           My father was assigned to MacArthur's HQ, originally in Brisbane, and thereafter to Hollandia, Tacloban and Manila. Along the way he collected several souvenirs, of which these GUINEA GOLD newspapers are a historic highlight.

          Two print editions were released - a normal print-on-demand softcover edition and a SPECIAL HARDCOVER EDITION in choice of Dust Cover or Image Wrap. Those purchasing the special edition were sent one of the original Guinea Gold's featured.


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