B&W - my camera took me for walks
by  Paul F. Whitman
Large Format Landscape 13x11 in, 33x28 cm format,  258 pages.

We take photographs so much for granted these days, but in 1970 I acquired my first camera of choice, a 16mm Minolta. It was small and cute, had no fancy bells or whistles and I was a complete novice.

Color film was readily available in 1970 - but not for the proprietary 16mm cartridges for my little Minolta. So it was black & white film that became my introduction to the hobby, and to the craft of developing prints (which I never mastered.) The love of black & white stayed with me on the journey towards the art of better photography.

Along that journey, I have maintained a fondness for the ability of black and white images to enhance the look of light, texture, tonal contrast, shape and form. Black & white photography may not depict reality, but interprets it.

Here's how black & white interpreted my life, with a little help from my friends.

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