USA - 1992
No Soliciting Tou
by  Paul F. Whitman and Wolf Grodd
Large Format Landscape, 13x11 in, 33x28 cm
184 pages

     This is a personal record of my journey across the United States which I took in 1992. I had travelled the USA several times during the 1980's, and I thought a road trip would help me unwind from the stress of my law firm. Essentially, it was a cheap mid-life crisis as I didn't need to buy a red Porsche or a Harley Davidson.

     In compiling this book I have tried to re-evaluate the effect it had on me. This was a trip which pre-dated the internet, and my involvement with Corregidor's WWII veterans.

     To the foreigner. the US is a kind of ocean of memes that is overwhelming and nearly incomprehensible, not just geographically, but in its social effect.

     I compiled a photo album, as many do, but it was a heavy and unwieldy thing to struggle with, and languished under a layer of dust and junk for more than a decade.

     "Was this mine?" or even the more confronting "Was this ME?"

    I get depressed between projects, and was still suffering post-completion blues after "Manila 1945 - Aftermath -" when I came upon my old photo album. I was in need of a creative project that would keep me fresh, and still develop my skills.

     I don't expect that book form will make this photo album any more interesting than it was before, but one can dream. That's really the nub of it. I don't want to lose the ability to dream.

Q: Can I see a preview?   A: Sure, we don't expect you to judge the book by its cover. See the PREVIEW.

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