by William T. Calhoun and Paul F. Whitman
 'Large Landscape' 13 x 11 inch (33 x 28 cm) format, 
440 pages.
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     On 8 April, the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team made an overwater movement from Mindoro to assist the 40th Division. Taking charge of activity on the left flank, it began a concerted attack against the enemy main defense line the next day. Japanese resistance to the 40th Division's advance increased with time, bearing out intelligence predictions that the thrust would encounter the enemy's main defenses. Following the first day's operations in the division's assault, it became evident that progress would be slow and tedious for the Japanese were well-entrenched in rugged terrain.

     In spite of this vigorous opposition, the attacking forces advanced steadily as the Japanese fell back from strong point to strong point. During the latter part of April the enemy defense deteriorated more quickly; however, it was not until mid-May that operations in the hills were considered to have passed into the mopping-up stage. Even then, with close support from bombers of the Thirteenth Air Force and guerrilla reinforcements, the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team made but slow progress in the hill mass south of Fabrica. Isolated though they were, the Japanese in that area continued to resist until the cessation of hostilities on 15 August.

     It was later discovered that there were more Japanese troops remaining on Negros than there had been GI's fighting them.

     As an educational resource, it presents the most comprehensive collection of images and documents chronicling the 503d PRCT's involvement in "mopping up" the Japanese forces on the island of Negros, Philippine Islands between April and August 1945. It was a sad campaign for those who fought it, and one which has been almost totally overlooked. It  probably can't even be describes  as a forgotten campaign, because unless you were on Negros during those months, the chance that you ever heard about it in the first place  are slim indeed. 

     This is not a military history book in the conventional sense. It follows the men and their experiences.

    This book is the fourth in a series by the authors which follow the 503d PIR throughout their war.  They are:

                                    Bless 'em All - Book I - Australia, New Guinea & Noemfoor
                                    Bless 'em All - Book II - Leyte & Mindoro
                                    Bless 'em All - Book III - Corregidor (Retaking the Rock)
                                    Bless 'em All - Book IV - The Negros Campaign


     The acclaimed WWII History website Bless 'Em All traces the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment through its inception, it's time in Australia, and through all its missions. It also shows how the 503d went, within a few months, from accomplishing the most successful parachute assault of the war to exemplifying the most stupid use of elite paratroopers during WWII.

     Websites are ephemeral, transitory beings, likely to disappear at the slightest wisp of late payment of their hosting fees. OK, it's a commercial world, we understand.
For that reason, I decided that I should make a permanent version of the BLESS 'EM ALL website, something that could survive a few decades on your bookshelf.  Something you'd be proud to leave on your coffee table. Something you could read without the necessity of batteries.
     “BLESS ‘EM ALL” is a hardcover reference series, part of a major publishing event to establish in print the history of the 503d PIR to fresh generations of "ROCK REGIMENT" veterans, their families and their friends.

     Published as four books, VOLUME I, released April 2017, deals with the formation of the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, its time in Australia, New Guinea, and Noemfoor. It reflects the view from the 2nd Battalion, based on a wealth of materials, including official papers, daily reports and journals.

     VOLUME II, released December 2017,  follows the Regiment, now a Regimental Combat Team, to Leyte and Mindoro, and sets up the preparation for the retaking of Corregidor.

    VOLUME III deals with the retaking of Corregidor, one of the defining battles of WWII.  It is everything you wanted to know about Corregidor 1945, but were afraid to ask.

....VOLUME IV - published July 2019: The Regiment, now christened "The Rock Regiment" is recuperating on Mindoro when it is transferred to the 6th Army and assigned to assist the 40th Division, which is having difficulties on Negros. What follows is the sad use of a lightly armed parachute regiment, the use of the wrong weapon, for the wrong reasons, simply because they were available. It was like using your prize axe to break rocks. 

    There is a fifth book available,  "The Pictorial Companion to the History of the Second Battalion, 503rd PIR'" which contains the images of Bill Calhoun's service with 'F' Company of the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, and the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team. It is a stand alone book of images which tell his story of an assistant platoon leader, platoon leader, Company Executive Officer, and Company Commander, revealing an intimate story of a brotherhood forged by the bond of steel that unites THE ROCK REGIMENT.
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